Sunday, April 21, 2013

Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites II, Ep. 8

If you have not seen it, last week's episode was by far the best of this season.  I’m tempted to quote every line by Cochran (his commentary was that outstanding!), but I would be merely repeating his fine work.  I'll stick to some general observations.

After watching the episode, I am convinced of two things:

1. Corinne opens her presents Christmas Eve.
2. Malcolm opens his presents Christmas morning.

Both Corinne and Malcolm were on board with the same plan, but Corinne had to blab it to the wrong person way too early.  She was like Dr. Evil explaining to Austin Powers everything that had been plotted and then being shocked when the plan was thwarted.

Corinne, I realize your proud of your plan.  I realize you hate Phillip.  But, show some patience. 
Don't run and tell everything to Dawn.  Tell Dawn 20 minutes before the next vote when there is nothing she can do about it.  Don't tell her your blindside move two votes in advance!  Malcolm was on board and he was able to keep his mouth shut, why couldn’t you!

The conclusion I must arrive to is this: among the remaining Favorites, Corinne was an inferior player compared to the likes of Cochran, Dawn, and even... Philip.  The Favorites beautifully came together and orchestrated a counter-action to destroy Corinne.  It was awesome.

In summary:

Great challenge (I love the food eating challenges)
Great commentary from Cochran
Great last minute maneuvering and blindside.
Great episode!  Thank you Survivor!

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