Friday, November 16, 2012

Survivor: Philipines, Ep. 7-9

It's been a couple of weeks since I posted anything.  There is lots to cover.

Jeff Kent
One of the worst positions you can be in on Survivor is to be one of the leaders of a tribe down 7-4 going into a merge.  But, luckily for Kent, there were two disenchanted people on the majority tribe (Skupin and Roberta).  This is a tremendous break for anyone.  You can now lead the new, dominant tribe and almost ensure yourself a trip to the final four without having stabbed anyone in the back.

Instead, Jeff chose to turn down this offer, betray his own alliance, and put himself at the BOTTOM of an alliance of seven people.  Why would Kent make such a ludicrous decision?  Why did Captain Ahab destroy himself going after Moby Dick?  Kent's obsession was making sure Penner didn't win.  I really can't figure out why.  Moby Dick took Ahab's leg, what is Kent's excuse?

I know Kent kept talking about former players not winning.  If I were out there, my goal would be to make sure I win.  I would only talk about former players if it advanced my chances.  Kent, instead, hurt his own chances by going after Penner.  Voting out Katie or Dawson is small potatoes for a guy like Kent.  Penner is bigger game.  Anyway, we know what happened.  Penner had a hidden idol and won immunity.  Kent, who placed himself at the bottom of his new alliance, got blind-sided.  I don't feel sorry for him.

Congrats on three major successes in a row!  After the merge, you sniffed out that you needed to play the idol.  You won an individual immunity.  And, you survived last night by getting Skupin to flip.  Your psychological profile of Lisa was interesting.  But, she still hasn't voted with you.  In fact, last week no one voted with you.  Skupin might have voted with you last night and saved you, but, I think it's a long road ahead for you to get to the final three.  You've played a great game, but, no one wants to sit next to you even though you are a former player. 

I'm not surprised you voted with Penner & Co. last night.  You voted with them when you first merged.  Your tribe has repeatedly treated you like garbage and I don't blame you for showing no loyalty.  Furthermore, you might even have a better chance getting to the finals with this lot (I don't think Artis/Abi/Pete would have let you get to the Final 3).  Also, congrats on an excellent immunity victory.  I thought that was an impossible task and you showed extraordinary hand-eye coordination.  So, if that's the case, why did you keep hitting yourself with the machete in the early episodes?

I understand why you wanted to keep the dysfunctional family together and save Dad (Skupin) last week.  You're a Mom.  That's what Moms do.  But, how long are you going to let Abi play the obnoxious teenage brat?  The way she talks to you is so degrading it sounds like it came from an episode of Jerry Springer.  Roberta already ran away from home, Dad left (again) and the family has broken up for good.  You're going to have to scramble for a safe harbor.  The good news is that there are initially some bigger targets (Abi and Pete).  The bad news is that one has an idol and the other can win immunities.

A few weeks ago you said to Jonathan:  "Katie or Penner."  Two weeks ago you said to Kent:  "I thought we were voting you next."  Heck, I'd align with you just to know if I was in any danger.  I can't think of a better source of inadvertent, but crucial information.  Watching you play is more fun that a rerun of Gilligan's Island - and you ain't the Professor.

I thought you had a shot at the final three not because you were in the dominant alliance.  We all knew that union was iffy.  I thought you had a shot because you, Abi and Pete are so friggin' unlikeable.  If I were out there I would be scheming to figure out which combination of the three of you I can sit with at the end.   However, such a back door to the finals was only there for one or two of you and it just closed on you.    

I see that you are learning.  Last night, instead of falsely accusing someone of voting for you after tribal, you voiced your suspicions during tribal and before the vote.  Brilliant!  However, while you can't win,
you have a shot at the final three for the same reasons Artis did.  I would love to meet the jury that would ever give you a million dollars.  You are clearly one of the most obnoxious people ever to play this game.  I can't imagine what you would say to the jury if you made it.  Something like: "I beat you because you all suck"?

Why were you so complacent this week?  I don't get it.  Skupin voted against your tribe at the merge. Though it might not matter now, did you even try to curb Abi's mouth?  t feel like you have checked out ever since you found out Malcolm has an idol.  Where is the guy who would play tricks on Roberta regarding the idol clue?  You have the energy for that, but you don't have the energy to keep an alliance together?  Two idols need to be flushed, otherwise Malcolm and Abi are both in the final four.  Explain to someone out there that they need your vote to help flush those idols.  Maybe you can make a deal. 

You might be the favorite right now.  Did you enjoy the trip to the village?  I hear that after next week's reward challenge, the winning team will bring supplies to Staten Island.  They need it more. 

Lisa threw you under the bus, but you have rebounded nicely.  Don't get caught with the idol in your pocket. 

It seems like ancient history, but I haven't written a review since your ouster.  It must have been hell living on the same beach with Abi all those days.  Enjoy Ponderosa and watching her self-destruct from the jury box.

Odds of winning: 
23% Denise
20% Malcolm
15% Lisa
14% Skupin
12% Penner
08 % Carter 
06% Pete
02% Abi